About us

Company History:

ANCORE, founded in February 2005 by professionals who worked in the electrical industry for over ten years, has been devoted to the memory business.

Started by selling SDRAM and had successfully entered consumer product market such as DVD, set-Top Box, ADSL, MP4, Digital Camera by the brand name ASMIC.

2006, added DDR2 to the company product list, ANCORE manufactured DIMM Module and sold the product globally for customers to use in IT products such as PC and notebook, and got vastly good responses. Since then, ANCORE engages in manufacturing SD Card, Micro SD Card, Pen Driver, DDR3, DDR4, etc. 

Starting from 2017, ANCORE starts selling SSD and M.2 using the company name as the new product line brand, thus expanding sales territory from China to south-east Asia, the middle east, India, South America, and soon. 


1 .Made in Taiwan    :

Ancore has always aspired to deliver high-quality products to our clients. We insist on TAIWAN manufacture and TAIWAN processing, which includes assembling, testing, SMT, module running, are all done by our own factory and collaborative manufacturers to ensure all products suit majority of related electronic devices and surpass regulations such as RoHS and Green policy.

2 .Lifetime warranty : 

With excellent engineering background and experience, exceptional research and development foundation, along with MIT quality assurance, Ancore original products or OEM brands, are all assured with a lifetime warranty.

3. Cost-effective       :

Since Ancore has a highly experienced team in the DRAM industry, we are capable of deliver outstanding products with high yield rate and low defect loss, and support our customers with low-cost, high-quality goods.

4. Technical support :

Ancore can provide technical support on product usage and help with solving problems such as finding the right configuration for the best compatibility.   

5. Quick delivery      :

Ancore had set up a support center in California, USA, to provide immediate support; whether it’s small batch delivery, damage repair, product exchange, or handling shipping queries, we can all deliver the fastest service.